Applications in mining

Under this heading it is necessary to differentiate between surface mining (quarries) and deep mining (metal).

In studies of surface mining (quarry), the most widely used methods are the electrical and seismic, and in the deep mining (metal mainly) the most commonly used are potential methods (gravimetry and magnetometry), electromagnetic and, to a lesser extent, the seismic reflection.

The main applications are the following:

  • Geological knowledge: Contacts between different materials, layer depth, faults and fractures locations, definition of dips and alteration areas.

  • Direct or indirect definition of a layer/stratum in 2D and 3D.

  • Differentiation of quality zones within a layer depending on their alteration.

  • Delimitation of interest areas with regional studies.

  • Recognition of conductors, semi-conductors or massive sulphides.

  • Definition of natural and anthropic fillings.

Refraction seismic in a quarry