Applications in civil engineering and geotechnics

The geophysical methods used in civil engineering and geotechnics are seismic, electrical in DC and the GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar). Promptly others as potential and electromagnetic can be used.

Major applications are:

  • Geological knowledge: Contacts between different materials, layer depth, faults and fractures locations, definition of dips and alteration areas.

  • Degrees of cavability and excavability of materials.

  • Definition of elastic modules of materials (Poisson, Young, shear...).

  • Location of holes, galleries, caves or buried services (pipes...).

  • Sounding of tunnels and studies of buried structures.

  • Studies of electrical resistivity for ground fault and abrasiveness of materials.

  • Location and definition of dissolution and karst zones.

  • Location of infiltration areas.

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