Antonio González Cantero- Geologist

  • photo Antonio Gonzalez Licenciado en Geología (Geology Degree) in the Faculty of Geology Sciences of the Huelva University (Spain) (2008)

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2011-Present. Geophysical operator and Geologist in GAMA GEOFÍSICA, S.L.

2008-2010. Geophysical operator and Geologist in GEOGNOSIA S.L.L., being envolved in geophysical prospecting projects with seismic, electrical, potencial and electromagnic methods, GPR included.

Involvement in more than 250 projects of geophysical prospecting. The main areas of interest in the development of these projects were the following:

  • Civil engineering: Roads, highways, railways, high-speed railways, tunnels, dams, and pools, channelling, electric sub-stations, power stations, industrial plants, wind power parks,    

  • Geotechnics and construction: Geotechnic knowledge of structures, construction forensics, location of cavities or anomalous areas in foundations,    

  • Hydrogeology: Location of lithologies which are potential aquifers, better hydrogeological understanding of different areas, agronomy studies, research in wetlands and reservoirs, definition of marine intrusion,    

  • Mining: Mining exploration, deep geological research for CO2 storage or geothermal energy, surface mining studies (quarry),   

  • Environment and archaeology: Characterization of the mining pools, study of dumping sites, contamination studies, archaeological investigation,    



  • Seismic methods: refraction, surface wave (MAM, REMI, MASW 1D and 2D,...), downhole, crosshole, seismic tomography,…

  • Electrical methods: Electrical tomography (ERT) and vertical electrical sounding (VES).

  • Potential methods: Magnetometry.

  • Electromagnetic methods: Ground Penetrating Radar GPR, Time-domain Electromagnetic (TDEM), Magnetotelluric and Audio-Magnetotelluric (MT and AMT), light electromagnetic (EM-31 and EM-34),...

  • Thermal properties studies: (conductivity, resistivity, diffusivity,...)